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Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge

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In the process of production,you were hotness to invite me to visit your factory.If i have any other requirements in the future,i will buy again.

—— Mr.Hussain

We have been using your machine, everything is fine.No matter in quality or after-sales,You all do well.

—— Mr. Mustafa Kamal

It is my pleasure to find you the trustworthy enterprise.Your equipment is very good, I think we can keep cooperation.

—— Mr.Neculcea

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Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge

Trung Quốc Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge nhà cung cấp
Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge nhà cung cấp Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge nhà cung cấp Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: Peony
Chứng nhận: CCS
Model Number: PDSD

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Giá bán: USD8000-60000/SET FOB Shanghai
Packaging Details: Standard export packings
Delivery Time: 60-90 days afater down payment
Payment Terms: TT. LC, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
Hoạt động: Tự động và thủ công ứng dụng: Dầu nhiên liệu, dầu diesel, dầu nhờn, dầu thủy lực, vv
Công suất: Từ 650L / H đến 10000L / H phụ thuộc vào loại dầu khác nhau MOC: SS
Vòng bi: SKF Cấu trúc: Trượt
Hệ thống điều khiển: Với

Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge




Marine oil separator is mainly used to remove water and mechanical impurities from fuel oil, lubricating oil and other mineral oil in marine diesel engine unit and land-used diesel generator unit of power station so as to reduce wear of the diesel engine and other machine, and prolong engine life. The model is also used to separate two unsolvable liquids with different specific gravity or remove small amount of solid particle from liquid.It is divided into 2phase solid-liquid separator and oi-water-impurity 3phase separator.They are workable in land and ship,we have the CCS certificate to certify its function and usage. There are different discharge types of the oils,manually,partial,fully discharged,variable discharge etc which depends on the different materials.commonly,we define the capacity as density of 0#  diesel oil ,and we have a chart to help you find out the exact processing capacity of your needs. We are not only provide the single oil separator,but also the whole unit containing the pumps,valves,heats,pipes and so on.

Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge


Competitive Advantages:


  • Overload over heat protection
  •  High rotating speed
  •  accurate dynamic balancing, 
  •  long time with low vibration, 
  •  safety and security.
  •  Continuous working

Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge




Condition for mineral oil separation and actual capacity (refer to the chart)


oil types

heavy diesel oil

lubrication oil


detergence oil

steam turbine oil

kinematical viscosity(mm2/s)















separating temperature






recommended capcity





oil types

Fuel oil

Fuel oil

Heavy fuel oil

kinematical viscosity(mm2/s)











separating temperature


Normal temperature,40-60degree best


recommended capacity


From 650L/H to 10000L/H depends on different oil and working 




Peony organizes the model selection question as below:


1)How many kinds of the oil can you separate?
This series separator is widely used for kinds of oils, especially for the Marine diesel oil and the similar oil, such as light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, lubrication oil, steam turbine oil, detergence oil, engine oil etc

2)How can you select the suitable capacity?
Different oil has different capacity, our 1500L, 2000L, 3000L, 4000L, 5000L, 6000L, 8000L ,10000L capacity is for the Marine diesel oil 0# as sample. It also depends on the viscidity, temperature, and for all the capacity model, we have an oil characteristic sheet to help our customer to find out what their oil is, and what capacity their oil belongs to.

3) Is your separator self cleaning?
We have 3types discharge means according to different material and customer's requirements, we have self cleaning model and manual cleaning model.
1. Manual discharge model for the oil with very less solid component
2. Full discharge model for the big capacity treatment and a little solid component
3. Partly discharge model for the bigger capacity treatment and more solid component

4.Variable discharge model

No.Fully discharge model and partly discharge model are both self cleaning model.
4)Will you help us to select the model?
Yes,you can select the model by yourself, or as long as you provide your material characteristic, we have professional engineer team to help you select the suitable machine

5)Do you only have the single machine or the unit?

Both we have.



Principle and structure


Disc separator is vertical centrifuge. The drum is installed on the upper side of the vertical shaft. Driven by the motor, it will rotate at a high speed through the gearing. Inside the drum there is a group of dish parts overlaying each other – disc. There is very small gap between the disc. Suspension (or emulsion) is fed into the drum through the inlet in the middle of the drum. When the suspension (or emulsion) flows through the gap between the disc, under the action of the centrifuge, the solid particles (or droplets) go down to the disc in the formation of sediment (or liquid layer). Along the disc surface, the sediment slides out of the disc and accumulates at the part with the largest diameter inside the drum. After the separation, the liquid is discharge out of the drum from the drain outlet. The role of the disc is to reduce the sediment distance of solid particles (or droplets) and enlarge the sediment area of the drum. With the disc inside the drum, the capacity of the separator is improved greatly. The solid gathering inside the drum is manually removed by taking apart the drum after power off, or discharges from the drum through the slag-off part with the separator power on.

Three Phase Fuel Oil Handling System , Vertical Laboratory Centrifuge





1. Mineral oil industry: purification of fuel and lubricating oil used on main engine for vessels, land diesel engine, power plants, etc.

2. Dairy Industry: clarification, purification and degreasing of fresh milk.

3. Vegetable oil industry: purification and clarification of palm oil, degumming, DE-soap, dehydration and dewaxing of refined vegetable oil.

4. Beverage products industry: clarification of beer, juice and beverage, extraction of plant protein and wastewater treatment, clarification of zymotic fluid of bio-engineering.

5. Starch industry: enrichment and classification of starch.

6. Pharmaceutical industry: purification or clarification during the extraction of agentia of antibiotics and biochemistry pharmacy, clarification of Chinese drugs medicament.

7. Chemical industry: chemicals purification or clarification.

8. Lanolin industry: extract and purify the lanolin from the scouring wastewater.

9. Latex industry: purification and concentration of natural rubber latex.

10. Others: such as recycling of laboratories, petroleum, coking, kaolin and pulp, electrolyte treatment, wastewater treatment, environmental protection, and animal and plant protein extraction, the extraction and refining of animal fat, separation of mixed fatty acids.





Peony Centrifuge has been dedicated to producing machinery and equipments and carrying out facility construction, pursuing the best quality and producing the best product at the same time.

We are committed to reward you with a better quality in return for our interest in and faith toward.

We will do our utmost for one more stepping forward, based on our infinite services and trust to customers.

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